We got up late so we got sort of a late start. Regan sold some clothes and I warmed up by playing on the haight. I made 2 dollars and 25 cents. I tell you I love San Francisco. It's the most diverse city in the world. Everyone allows each other their space. We got to the party around 5ish. dropped my stuff off and left to get something to eat. We got in a small argument about where to eat till we finally decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant .

The place looked clean, but then after we ordered I saw a cockroach running under our table which I was quick to step on. We finally got our food and took it back over to the party. When I opened up the Styrofoam containers the food looked ok but as soon as I took a bite I was pissed.

It was the WORST general taos chicken I'd ever eaten in my whole life. Regans chow mien was greasy but at least edible. So we shared that but after a few bites we were so disgusted we considered getting our money back. So after debating for a moment I decided it was worth walk so I bagged it up and marched back over to the restaurant and set it on the cashier desk and said "I'd like a refund". They asked why and I politely and quietly explained that it was really greasy and soggy and cold. One of the ladies was sort of embarrassed but the other one was completely rude and was talking to the lady in Chinese but it was funny cause she was saying a whole sentence in Chinese but then "no refund" in English. I guess they don't have a Chinese word for 'refund'.

The rude one said to me "No It's spicy and fried it's good" to which with a slightly raised voice "No It's cold and greasy and gross and I can't eat it". Then she went back to the kitchen and bitched out the cook and came back out and tried to argue with me some more about my money to which I ended up emphasising with my fist softly pounding on her desk "the customer! is always! right!" (each exclamation mark being a pound on th desk.) /till finally we reached a compromise and they gave me my money back for the general tao but not the chow mien.

My mother taught me early in life "don't be a bad consumer". Part of her 70s Ralph Nader ideology. Bad consumerism breeds bad product.

Once my girlfriends parents took us out to eat at "tahoe joes" where the sign on the front says "world famous steakhouse". So being a kid from the midwest I thought I'd see how good a Californian steak is. I ordered it medium rare of course but when they brought it out it was tough as a boot. So as not to cause a scene I went and privately spoke to the waiter about removing my steak from the bill which he was quick to give me. But then Regans mom gets all upset and offended that I complained. I still don't understand that. I saved her 16 dollars. It wasn't like she cooked it herself or something.

I don't know. Just don't be weak consumers kids. You have rights in this country when it comes to bad service.