Does it not seem a little bit odd to you? I mean to force another language on me and put your Home country's flag in all of my car dealerships?To close medical clinics and then reopen them with a sign out front that says "for Refugees Only" Is it not the slightest bit strange?

Ok I'm Irish and a slight part "Indian" God I hate that word but I used it last night when I was asked if I had a baby face under my beard. Just cause I have since I was a kid. It's the only thing that explains my natural tan. And it would had to have been in either Texas or Kansas where that Indian laid down with an Irish American. I think we should start addressing each Indian tribe as diffrent races instead of just labeling them "Native Americans" or worse "Indians".
Just as it's not wise to regards Sunnis and Shiites as just Arabs. Native is correct but Native American has complications. We're ALL native Americans. Anyone who was born and raised here is natively American. SO that isn't really a justified label of identification.

Personally I'm more comfortable with tribes or tribal nations then anything. Not to say that they're not American now. They don't have to pay taxes and they're making a killing off of their casinos. But for the most part all the thick blooded tribals I've known are basically sort of rednecks now and are just typical good spirited Americans. They have their issues just as we all do but on a person to person basis most Native blooded people I've met I would never question their feelings on where they live. Sure they have their animosities towards our history but just like the south they just have their grudges. It's not going to stop them from loving their country or trying to spoil any ones way of life.

So I don't claim to be a historian. I just know what I know, you know what I mean? My family came here a hundred years before the Irish invasion so it's sort of the equivilant to a a naturally born American hispanic guy that loves America and has never been to Mexico that sees all these people waving the flag of the country his ancestors left behind. . The Irish came here expecting to live a better life and it was shit detail for a hundred years. Most of us went to the south and broke our back in the coal mines with nothing but a canary to keep them from being crushed and buried while digging out the coal for the railroads and industries. And at night we'd play banjo and fiddle music.

The Chinese came here when they were told that the streets of San Francisco were painted in gold. But when they got here they got shoved into the railroad laying down the tracks for no money. And they brought Heroin with them.

The blacks came here by force. They didn't want anything to do with America except for their kings which made a fortune selling their poorest citizens to the earliest European settlers. But after about 300 years they finally started to gain some freedom and eventually today they're just as naturally American as any other person born and raised here.

And Mexico. Well our history with Mexico isn't exactly friendly. If you've ever heard the phrase "remember the Alamo". well I think that just about sums it up. We were killing Indians up here, and They were killing Indians down there and every now and then we'd bump into each other in the process. But they did give us Marijuana! By us I mean all of us. including anyone that might have felt like they were excluded in that comment.

I keep hearing this nonsense about how America stole land from Mexico and now they are rightfully reclaiming it for Mexico through immigration.we bought it. For 15,000,000 dollars which a hundred and fifty years ago would be equal to 15,000,000,000 dollars today. If not more. We've been a generous nation to Mexico I guess out of respect because we were both born by Spaniards.

Now I understand the relationship with Mexico is checkered to say the least. We've fought and we've shared and over time we finally began to come to an understanding. You can come and pick our vegetables and take the money we give you back to Mexico's economy. And it was cheap labor but it was fine money back home so you'd take the trips.

We never implied through any action though that this land was still under any circumstances still negotiable territory. The fact is, is that we are displaying how vulnerable we are as a nation being taken apart piece by piece. We are a very fragile democracy. And that's how a democracy is. There's no indefinite perfect future in a democracy. At anytime if we don't watch our step as citizens we can fall prey to having to succumb to a different nations will. It's scary but it's beautiful because that's what freedom is.

That's how we're able to bitch about Bush spying on us is because we don't care if there's someone doing something wrong through the same teleports we are. We want our privacy damn it! And we don't care if the world is melting and we're having to murder hundreds of thousands of people so we can Cruise on Saturday nights picking up on tricks and pealing out.

See what I mean? It's very fragile to be free. Being a democracy means we're leading our own destiny for better and for worse. Mike Gravel is pushing for a national innitiative but after I witness CA fall for some glossy commercials about how their gonna raise the gas prices if we voted for this bill it became clear. The wealthy control their minds as well as their wallet. That's not scary conspricy theory thats just the truth. American advertiseing ideology has become the new jesus.

Now my point is that. I have a legitimate argument. Living in California has been a very eye opening experience. The diversity and tolerance in San Francisco is Amazing to say the least. every nation of the world is given a few blocks to call their own. And through out the city you'll see people of every ethnicity you ever knew existed. It's truly wonderful. And nobody fights. You don't see the Chinese marching and demanding that the Italian neighborhood start speaking Chinese. You don't see Chinas flag hanging tall as soon as you get to chinatown. And you don't see Japans flag when you get to Japantown.

But you do see this when you get to Valenica

My point is. Is that America was built by the Irish, the Blacks, the Chinese and the Mexicans. But the only people not waving the American flag are the Mexicans. And I just want to know why that is. Nobody will say why they are coming here all of a sudden. All you hear is from the right is "Mexicans don't belong here" and on the left "Yes they do". No ones even talking about why this is happening in the first place. Is it because NAFTA? Is it because Vicente Fox is a brutal leader? Is it because you're economy is terrible? Or is it something else?

Please if you know anything I'd like to know.

And please stop thinking I'm in anyway prejudice against anyone or feel like I'm in anyway superior to anyone else just because of my birth rights. My best friend from the time I was in 3rd grade was half white and the other half from Guam. So don't give me any shit about being in any way ignorant or prejudice because of color or culture. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell is going on around here. that's all.