There were balloons and presents and a Charlie Brown tree. Kids and games and the room filled with glee. Songs were sung and all having fun, an imaginary Christmas just like the real one. We bowed our heads while poopy said grace then ate lots of food and egg nog was drank. they lit the tree and counted to ten. to create a perfect moment of zen.

there was a bunny rabbit. He was the most tame rabbit I'd ever seen. there were kids running around everywhere so I kind of took resposibility for him for a moment to keep the little monsters from accidently hurtin the little guy. I told poopy he looked like he'd make a good hat. and about my grandmas rabbit farm. Thats my earliest memory. That riding my tricycle in the driveway with that roaring highway down that steep hill and that big 18 wheeler of my cousins.
I told him about how my dad used to go up every few months and take about 40 of them to the shed and whack em over the head with a hammer and skin em.

For the kids I played "so this is christmas - lennon.
and Christmas at the zoo - flaming lips

i sorta ran em off with my renditions
but the adults seemed to like it.

Uni and poopy wrote a great song
for the evening "Christmas in July".
It's a really great harmony.
They're just like Johnny Cash and June Carter.

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Apple pie hopes played a great set. They have a cd out they just recorded with justin at 1234 studios. Ive got an older disc. Thems rootin tootin good musicians. Justin provided all the christmas gifts for the kids. He got em from a discovery channel store liquidation sale. They've got a new album out, buy it. They're good people. All the guys in the band are really nice And easy to get along with. As are all the folks in Uni's unicornbread club. It's a fun gang to tag along with. I'm tellin ya.

Later on everyone partied and feasted on turkey and homemade side dishes which were quite delicious After poopy gave grace. He gave the greatest grace I've ever heard he said "we love you because you are sexy and you look like a hippy" It was a riot. we all played a few more sets for when the adults showed up. Everyone rocked. I met some really cool folks. Met a cool girl that talked with me and regan about Ireland. She said her father lived there or something like that and that got us talking about it. She said Ireland is gaining lots of ground economically and I mentioned how happy I was that Northern Ireland had officially bent Britains occupation to a stand down which I thought was wonderful news.

Anyways . it was fun while it lasted. Hope to do it again next year. It was fun cause it was like a secret Christmas that the advertisers couldn't get to. So I enjoyed it. I played a little piano killin time between events.