tycoon prison

2:07 AM

I was shopping the other day for a new phone cause the one we have isn't cordless. It makes these terrible crackling noises when we talk and you have to shake it and bang it on your knee to make it stop. And you have to talk directly into the mic otherwise no one can hear you. We got it at a thrift store when we first got our place here in the west. So we were shopping at god awful Target cuz my mom refuses to acknowledge the fact that me and Regan have boycotted all mass CEO driven product placement Communism in our neighborhoods and anywhere else we might be. But regardless I ended up with a Target gift card and as I was walking through the Humongous store and noticing the god awful tacky garbage they call merchandise when after looking through the hideous movie section that was over priced by about 15 dollars, we came across this.

Now I don't know about you but I grabbed it immediately and was absolutely disgusted at what I was seeing. Anyone that has been through having a family member put in jail or a dear friend and the worry of what hell they must be surviving in would be and should be appalled at such absolute disregard for humanity.

To make a video game out of this really is disturbing. To take the ugliest thing man can do within the law and in plain site and make it the most trivial of all experiences is making a mockery of anyone that's struggled with having the prison system interfere with their lively hood. All of the hundreds of thousands of people locked up incorrectly have an even harder time trying to just make a living and get on with their life once they get out. When you first get out you are forced to live either in a halfway house or with a sponsored family member. You have a curfew. If you're ever caught even being with someone that's causing mischief then you can end up going back to jail. And in allot of states if you end up going to prison 3 times they just throw away the key. Even though study after study has shown that not even the death penalty being more leniently used doesn't helped to lower crime.

Give People JOBS! If there were good manufacturing jobs in their neighborhoods that paid wages that would make it easy to get ahead you would see crime disappear. These people in the ghettos of America. I know them. They're good people. But they feel stuck. They can't get motivated while constantly being told how much everything cost. If a person busting their ass and not being able to spend any time with their families is making 5 bucks an hour riding a bus everyday when their neighbor is getting 6 bucks an hour in welfare and spending all day at home for nothing but having a child to care for where is the incentive to make these people feel like they have a fight? If you break your back and get the same as if you lay on your back. Then of Course you're going to find plenty of them to just take the easy road cuz it'll get you just as far as sweating your ass off.

Damn I wish more people would see how complicated this shit really is and stop seeing everything so simply. Most politicians understand the complications but they have a mule to skin with the corporations. Every time you see a big metal can with black smoke coming out of it. understand. That's what controls you. Not Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a mediator between us and the CEO's. Hillary loves power but we allow her that power so I say lets march god damn it. let's demand this shit and shove her around a little. Let's Make her be a great president.

As for this prison culture shit I see everywhere like it's some fascinating Fa cit of American life. It's sick. It's a mental illness. We lock up Charles Manson and then we interview him every year just so we can wave some meat in his face and make him bark a little. It's really disturbing. There's no tolerance or forgiveness in this nation. Not that there ever has been.

It's late. Just had some thoughts on this whole "Prison can be fun" shit I'm seeing.