Ron Paul is a jerk that wants to hand over governance to the big CEO's. basically what Bush is doing but even worse. Complete Anarchy in the business world and on wall street. why the hell do you want that? and no medicine for your grandparents? what kind of person does it take to support a man like R. Paul.

Mike Gravel is much wiser and conventional. He has the spirit and the will of the American people. He's not some states rights confederist that believes we can just trust big business with our sovereignty.

Get your head out of your asses people. Mike Gravel is trying to save us from the beurocrats who control and dominate us like ants but yet noone is lifting a finger or raiseing a dime to help the man. It's really disheartening to see this great American folk lore happen right before my eyes and watch it just sit there in limbo while the Billionaires claim their thrones.

Wake the Fuck UP!