I see everyone saying "It's nice to see him so passionate about "something" but why can't he be more passionate about the war.". First off, He's the only human on record being honestly candid about why, how, and the consequences from the very start.

secondly and mostly, simply put.. "Killing" . Is Killing. Training someone to fight and die is training someThing to fight and die.

You could easily compare a dogfight with a gun battle. So what Byrd is discussing is not only relevant to the war in that he's discussing America's thirst for violence. But also he was speaking about America's modern value system in general. I read an article where all they mentioned was Byrds shiatsu and how much he loved it and how it was always there at work with him. Which is lovely but it to focus on 'an old man and his dog' as the story demeans the magnitude of the discussion when you're at the heat of the matter.

The scary thing isn't what happens to the animals. The scary thing is that this is going to develop further once the oil starts running out and the storms from our polluted Sky's will be washing in and crackling apart - and law and order stop applying as much throughout the states as far as a necessity, you're going to start seeing allot more of this kind of thing. And the more people tolerate this kind of behavoir towards dogs. You can bet the more tolerative they're going to be towards inflicting this kind of pain on humans as well.

here's the Specifics if you can stomach it.

As always Byrd is wise beyond his years.