*Loose Change* Producer Korey Rowe Arrested!!!

Loose Change producer and Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Korey Rowe has been arrested and handed over to military officials without bail for allegedly "deserting the Army".

how convenient.

woke the world up to the suspicious coincidences of whats the brand name?? oh yea "911" . now hes a "draft dodger". great. another great moment in a free democracy...they love coming after us. It's so easy to go after the poor.

we're in trouble people. the worlds going to celebrate Bush's retirement and while the country is in a better mood and enjoying their independence they're going to pass some stuff that will make the patriot act look like ice cream in the sun.

The Carbon Tax is going to shut down American families abilities to live outside of their homes. The Health care Hillary is proposing is going to raise taxes to further benefit the health care industry because she won't lower drug prices before hand and will basically be like the pentagon in how they like to pay 5,000 dollars for a toilet seat. We'll be paying 500 dollars an aspirin as oppose to 50 dollars now. And even with the carbon tax (higher gas prices) they're not going to find any better source of fuel soon enough to stop the economic crush thats going to happen due to all of our business' being unable to pay for the shipping.

its gonna get ugly people. so I guess if you don't feel compelled to go down fighting at least enjoy what you have now before it evaporates into thin air.