Old Hack and Friends - the Toy Orchestra!
Category: Music

in 99 i saw the flaming lips in Lawrence Kansas. Ronald had just quit so they did this car stereo experiment which evolved into an album "zareeka" that they toured useing boomboxes instead of instruments andd inviteing the audience to participate by grabbing a boombox and a chair and under wayne one side and under stevn the other side. We pushed play and they conducted their sides according to the pieces written. I was on stage front and center on waynes side. On the tapes were chunks and bits of babies crying and car crashes and abunch of other 'stuff'. It was very amuseing.

Which brings me to my next musical venture in createing the Toy Orchestra. Ive always bought kids plastic crap instruments from thrift storeing and after the last year or so ive managed to hold on to a nice suitcase full instruments. Theres toy guitar shaped keyboards, theres a mini guitar, two mini accordians w/ a full range of keys, a trumpet, a bugle, a sax, tons of keyboards, amongst other noise makers. In my next few shows I plan to fully engage the audience by making them the music. In waynes theory the audience can only be trusted with a volume knob. Im setting out to find how much further audience participated music can develop. Why just dance when you can be part of the music. So if youd like to join just make a note of a time and place i may be perfoming and bring an instrument .

The musical theory im useing is creating music from random notation combined and structured by a set rythem process.