The Republicans are absolutley soul less.

they're giving excuses and trying to muddy up the transcript.

"when the blue angels incident occured I was an eyewitness, when I saw the news the eyewitness testimonies to the news were innaccurate"

Tillman was waving his arms after taking fire from US soldiers behind him but they kept firing and Tillman took a shot to the head destroying his face and brain. Then they took him to the hospitol 90 minutes later and gave a man with no head CPR and shocking his chest trying to resesitate a man with no head.

Then they burned his uniform and Pat's diary where he talked about his views on the Iraq war which he strongly felt was ILLEGAL and unamerican . Then they cut up his body. Four days befor his funeral the top brass was informed that he was killed by friendly fire but then went ahead and told the media he died climbing up a hill fighting the enemy and had a broadcast on television using it as a recruitment tool.

Bryan Oneal is a traitor. He rolled Tillmans body over and saw his head had been destroyed by friendly fire. Then he "follows orders" and tells a fantastic lie at his funeral about him climbing a hill fighting the enemy. I respect his service but I cant excuse his behavior in allowing Tillmans legacy to be forever tarnished.