Bad people get guns. Giving college kids the right to pack heat shouldn't be translated into giving kids the right to kill.

you can't illegalize guns just like you can't illegalize alcohol tabacco marijuana etc. etc. Making guns harder to get makes it harder for good people to not obtain or know how to operate firearms. A gun is just a tool. If any of the students at VT had firearms (which was just recently banned) alot less people would have died. Its a crappy world we live in. Get your gun or get shot by an asshole. If we all owned guns we'd all be alot nicer to eachother. You can;t argue with this it's a basic fact. You make them harder to get that only makes it harder for people to defend ourselves. It doesnt make it harder for a55holes to get guns. Arm yourself and you'll live a longer life. Thats reality.

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