"I'm not into politics"

Well my friends "politics" is into you. They're into Stealing money from your grandparents through the Pharmacies. They're into preferably willing to let someone die rather then assist them with an outrageously inflated hospital bill. They want to let your schools remain to be a daycare for teens rather then a healthy Learning facility. And they "spend" it all on the war. Which they are selling.

They're taking money from you in every facet of your life making it harder for you to just enjoy life and putting it into their pockets in the name of a half hearted take it or leave it war. Where american kids are dying in after volenteering to join the fight under the guise that we were fighting against the people that attacked us in 2001 and destroyed one of our most precious major founding citys.

But we handed the ball to a dipshit draft dodgeing cheerleader with the brains of a lazy uninspired bullshit artist that cares more about spending time at his Highly secured fort he calls a Ranch in the great state of Texas then he does doing the job americans expect him to do.

Yea every American president passes dollars around with his friends once he sits at the top. But occasionaly they do shit for us like make jobs and lower prices and stop crime. But THIS asshole doesnt care about doing ANYTHING for the american public. Its all just a petty game to him. He's playing us for suckers trying to just bluff his way through his entire career as president.

The machines were rigged in Ohio. John Kerry won. Thats why Bush came out swinging saying "I consider this a mandate" rather then a slim victory because he knew he didnt win again but he wanted to change the subject. He's not stupid. He's been bullshitting his way through life since he was a teenager. Hes never had to care about Anything. Except his precious party animal girls gone wild twins. And that gold digging ^%$# Laura.. How could a Lybrarian be married to someone who knows nothing about history.

The president has the Copper Mold of Eisenhowers head in his office. Stareing at him. Does he really think for a moment that Ike would approve of this mass borrowing and spending and gutting of american institutions for personal profit? He can't know anything about Eisenhower rather then he was a 5 star General if hes not guilt ridden with his head in the room.

So I'm for peace. I'm for dropping 100,000,000,000 of billions of boxes filled with aid not explosives. Thats what I grew up thinking really proudly of when I learned that My country sent more money to help dire causes then any other country in th world. I Wholey admired that about us. It made me feel good. You know like a "wow" moment when your a kid. I don't think I'd say "wow" if I saw the shit we're doing today and I was a kid today. I think I'd be worried.

Saving a fathers Child will leave alot more of a positive impact and help heal whatever wounds they feal about us being envolved in Israels pilgramage through palestine. Except the palestinians wont have anywhere to go and will have lost their Homeland that theyve lived and farmed on for 1000s of years. Sort of like what The early settlers did in my country against the Native populations. We were better armed. So thinks Israel in reguards to Lebanon.

The federalists were liberals. The Constitution was written by liberals. The Bill of Rights was written by liberals. In Fact The Constitution was Radically LIBERAL in comparison to how other nations were running their head departments. Every Right we have was honestly in defiance of Rights denied by england. We said "screw that people can do what they want on this land"

Got some lawyers together to spell it out in perfect english. Got together and Signed it. and Wiped their hands clean of Tyrrany.

goin on a sabatical for a month or so for some kind of self enlightenment or something like that. Hopefully Ill come back more inspired.

HR333 IMPEACH CHENEY email your states representatives


troops home now.