so we're really just killing sunni arabs right?
Kill as many arabs as we can to cripple them so as to prevent another 911. Saddam was weak compared to our bombs so we hopped over Iran after afghan and went at saudi arabia through northern Iraq. I get it but...the guy ultimately in charge of it doesnt know what the fuck hes doing. he fired the competent generals and hired "diffrent" ones for political purposous. I hate to say it but 'he didnt put enough troops on the ground'. I mean if this is the fight of our lives and if we dont win there will be devestating consequences then why not go all out and send the entire military and restart the draft. If the truth is if we dont completley obliterate Iraq and create a massive demonstration of dominance then why not throw the whole team into it? Why give the rich tax breaks? Tax the shit out of them make them buy the troops body armor and armored humveys? Why not start picking kids at random (lottery) out of colleges like virginia tech via email-warrant for arrrest you must serve your country? Why not stop making suvs and make more tanks? Why not sell war bonds so the entire population can put stock in the war through other entitys then just Halliburton? Better yet? why not just start dropping some even bigger bombs then the ones dropped during the Shock and Awe compaign?

Because even after 911 the whole world can see that this country just doesnt even give a shit. They go to McDonalds. They get in their gas guzzling SUVs and call people on their bee killing Cell Phones. And they buy beer and drugs and watch Football and they just "trust their President". In other words "Don't give a shit"
"bah just let him handle it Im sure he knows what he's doing"
"Hey they Volenteered"
"Let THEM win"

Sitting on the sidelines placing bets. Never investing more then even just not turning the channel when the death toll of the day gets broadcasted through right wing friendly and owned propaganda machines that only tell you what you want to hear and how you want to hear it because they instilled in you that thats how its supposed to be.

The truth is Saddam was an assett not a liability. He was a brutal dictator that ruled his country by force just like abraham Lincoln did here when the southern states succeeded.
We never should have went in because the Sunni Arabs were more sympathetic to our wat of life then say an Osama type. Saddam had women in high positions of government and was quite progressive when compared to their arab neighbors. If it was Saudi Arabia that attacked us with Afghanastan then go there. But Bush can't go there cause his father is friends with their leadership. All we have to do to "Win" this war is

A) stop using crude oil in our lives (gas, plastic)
B) stop supporting Israels radical pilgrimage (noone helped us with our genocide. Why should we help them)
c) bring the troops home. (theres no reason to kill any more Sunnis at this point. Iraq wants their country back. They want us out because when a soldier stands around a market it makes anyone who is standing neer or speaking with that soldier a target. Notice how when humvees get attacked by IED's theres not any other traffic neer them.)
d) Launch a major highly publicized Surge in Public Aid for countries in reprisal. Give the world the impression that we're not here to dominate anymore. We're here to help.
Peace is a virtue. When our grandparents fought Germany they fought to end domination and establish Peace. After Truman dropped the bomb that is..cough..

Domination creates definance. The world knows we can kill. They know we spend more on our military then anyone. Thats why they don't launch full assaults because they have no chance. Instead they fight us through espoinage which OUR CIA WAS FULLY AWARE OF but we were working with a bullshit artist and he slept on the job while a very small insignificant group of clever assholes plotted heinous acts against us.

Give the war against terrorism back to the CIA Terrorists are like gangs in LA. Yes they're dangerous Yes they're impossible to negotiate with but if They launched a full out war on the American government, well just read the history of the Black Panthers. The CIA did their Job. They gave the president a file that fully warned him of septemeber 2001 in perfect detail and the idiot handed it over to someone else and said "hey look at this for me, tell me what it says. And then tell me what you think I should do about it."

Troops home now.