he lived a million miles an hour
everywhere at once
just put me in the wheel chair
and get me to the show
hurry hurry hurry
before I have to go
we all die
it's a song we all can sing
it's not a question of how
but when
and/or for why
if you so choose
Basquiat died in a hurry
Hendrix came and went
we walk on their graves
we spit and we stumble
we mummer curses into the wind
we wait and we wait and we wait
for things to get better
for things to Be better
what exchange?
what questions
that's why every word was perfect
because it was soaked in Destiny
it fumed out from its own glory
it passed through like a wild fire
it ate up the entire world
if just for a moment
it's just as great as the pyramids
that video shrine
it's as important as anything that ever came before
history in the making
the story billowing out
how we all wish for such things
how we all want and struggle for
the shapes in the clouds
an angel with no wings
a rotting corpse
in an unmarked grave