these last moments
these desperate attempts
clinging to love
shrouded in darkness
to smile
to breathe
to spin in the air
but then like all things
to die
the first crack in the painting
the first chip in the sculpture
let things be still
as the earth shakes
and hell rises
swallowing us up
into little bitty pieces
and then shitting us out
all in one fell swoop
killing everything
for everything must die
we live and we die
from the leaf to the atom
when you split the atom
you get a raging mushroom of death
down to the last drop
the very last sensation
black and white
blind witnesses
every one of us
every last stinking one of us
watch him dance
and laugh at us all
as we whither away
watch him mock us and blow kisses
waving us in
giving us bread
waving our debts
total annihilation
that's what we were bred for
raise the flower
to see it's color
survive the winter
to shine anew