my cat still loves me
but he's just a dumb cat
and he only loves me
for the same reason a woman would
some stability
and just a little love
so thank god you're stupid man
thank god you aint smart enough
or else you'd take off on me too
ah fuck,.. what's any of it worth anyways?

we put on our clothes
we tie our shoes
we brush our teeth
yes sir no sir
who's in control of you?
I guess it's the money
the only thing that's left
nothing loves you like money
everyone and everything
telling you you're special
oh If I could just find a break
if I could find my niche
hang out with the right people
get the right people's phone numbers
but no one wants to talk to me
and even if they did
I'd tell them not to bother
in just a few short sentences.

met this crackwhore at a show last night
she was who and where you'd be without that money
you can beat the streets
but you can't beat the streets out of her
we are what we are
lost hopeless and confused
surrounded by people that seem to have it all figured out
how do they do it?
what's the secret?
did they read some book?
How to win friends and influence people
what was it?
what IS it?
I look at them, and I want to commit murder
if not myself than Someone
at least then there''d be one less
one less distraction from my lament
one less patron, convincing me that I have nothing
but I don't want nothing
nothing from you anyways.
I'm just looking for some shade
the suns been up there for what seems like days
and I'm tired and weary
weary of trudging through another day
carrying my legs behind me
lifting this heavy load
like an ant left out in the desert
scurrying madly without a pack
arms and antennas flailing
manic and distraught
that bug knows how it feels
even if he can't put it to words