there's a sadness that reaches out
like how the warmth of the sun embraces the pedals of a rose
like how the morning dew rests on a blade of grass
these charmed inequities
these soft imperfect waves
the mountains peek
the depth of the ocean
how tall we stand
and how proudly we march
eating everything in our path
the elders with their half truths
the youth with their carelessness
universally we scream and we bleed
to survive is to be vigilant
an eye for an eye
for as long as we all shall live

and where are you in all this?
resting by the lake
embraced by natures tranquility
smiling for cameras
commemorating your destiny

with guns drawn
adrenalin greasing our wheels
without reason
no cause
no resolution
lone justice grinding in our teeth
how we kill to survive
we celebrate the blood of the lamb
none of us are safe
if any of us are to survive.
so take a deep breath
and watch those calm waters
let the world scurry
let it shake and corrode
we have but these breaths
how ever so faint
and we have but these moments
to question our fate
let us rue the day
let us wait for things undone
for there is some kind of sadness
reaching out to us all