how could he have loved you
for no one else would
he knew you for what you were
a no good lying tramp
oh how you must have relished in the moment
as the drama unfolded
all eyes on me
shining brighter than the sun
how could they have known
as he looked over that balcony in Rome
you were his ultimate confirmation
that the world is rotten
so he chose you
the most spoiled
or more he accepted you
bestowing his honor upon thee
watch it squirm
watch it yelp and whistle
watch it holler out
into a drunken carnival
watch it dwindle and fade into a blissful sunset
while millions stagger their way through from beneath
kill them all, let god sort 'em out
he built this castle
only so he could watch it crumble
this tangled web of destruction
so he picked you
as his ultimate showing of forgiveness
to love the unwanted
acceptance and understanding
but he knew he would die
and he knew that was best
to go on
watching you screw around
to watch the termites crawl through the skin
death was all around
he just accepted it