my hideousness is my virtuosity
my ugly charm
my sad and lonely song
my empty breaths
kill the messenger
we know what's best
as the wheel keeps changing
scorned fragments
regretful past
the hero and the villain
from red to blue to green
extinguished view
sorrowful moan
where did i go wrong?
watching it disintegrate

oh how it fails us
how nothing is ever good enough
what a waste of time
these gods
these fairy tales
any excuse will do
oh to escape this cold dead Earth
that taunts our existence
how can you live on forever?
cold and silent
with no direction
no sense of self
yet you carry on
without the slightest bit of care
we can destroy ourselves
and you
but you still won't answer
so we call you names
the moon
the sun
the stars
so that we Think we understand
but you still confuse us
with your blank empty stare
if we could share your valor
if we could walk with your conviction
I guess that's it
the beauty is in the question
the answer is death.