oh stained images
forgotten smells
preserved and procured
so pitiful as we
the ant scurries
feeling the same panic we do
as I burn off the flies wings
and pluck the spiders legs
they bathe in that darkness
that crushing sense of survival
I will eat you
as you eat me
and we'll shit out eat others remains
for the Earth to swallow

where is there no darkness hiding
where is this omnipotent light
under the belly of leaches
flowing through its fangs
protruding through bruises
in red stained eyes
shall we savor this moment
shall we be still
as the clouds form above us
and the ground swells
as the stench of disloyalty
lies soaked in our bed
let the howls of stray animals consumes us

as we all die in exile
building this fortress
where the only giant to fear
is our own reflection
lined in the darkness