eat the worm
and let the worm eat you
the dirt
the filth
wallowing decay
let us turn these pages
with fear and heartache
moments pass
emotionless contempt
drifting pale-wood
wavering discontent
as colors fade
this bloodless wine
this tasteless air
so ill-conceived
so easily forgotten
so unregrettable
worthless in its wake
these silent bushels
this mindless mummification
so petty
ignorant and sterile
chasing those dead leaves
piling on the cold surface
the sun not as bright
the moon hidden by dark clouds
cold and dreary
alone and unwanted
gifts unsent
letters unread
thoughts unspoken
the squeal of the pig
the moan of the bull
the monkeys laugh
all taunting my sleeplessness
mocking my convictions
shall I rise
or fall
it makes no difference
in darkness