go ahead
travel the fucking world
see if I care
may I write a thousand poems
and may they all be in vain
these proses
these jokes
these sad innuendos
these irrelevant insinuations
god how I would ravage you
how I would crush your dam
I can see it in your eyes
your desperation
your sadness
you clinging on to whatever you can
punching holes in the sky
burning fossils
sucking up the blood of the Earth
and spitting it back up in its face
how I envy you
how I wake up in jealousy
how every line is more meaningful than the last
and how it's more meaningless to you
how I search for the words
to reach your fragile mind
to speak from the heavens
and make time stand still
I would do it all for you
even if it were for no reason at all.