don't tell me I'm beautiful
don't mention my remarkable features
they're not remarks I want heard
sorrow etched in my brow
my lips sagging to my chin
my eyes sunk deep in their sockets
oh to my miserable appearance
my damned existence
sit on my lap and tell me it's wonderful
my ugliness
my empty pockets
sit on my lap and tell me it's all been worth while
this mindless adventure
with your hand on my cheek
wash away these sins
your hand in my hair
corroding my memory
how awful it can be
so painful and fruitless
help me take this breath
help me understand
whisper some solid truth in my ear
and let it be sweet
let it be kind
let it be words I need spoken
in your warm and tender embrace
calming the storm that riles in me
your statuesque cheeks
your goddess like smile
your forgiving laughter
give me reprisal
give me protection
give me wisdom
in this wicked world
your truth is so dear