with no one to tell us no
we tried it all
no walls
no boundaries
no questions
just the air in our lungs
and blood in our fists
sell what we can
and trade the rest
every day
another day in training
how we survive
the wheel still spinning
the daylight burning
notice how lightly they step
while we claw and mangle our way through
buried under bodies
under grief and misfortune
under principles left misunderstood
no one tells us what to do
no one ever showed us how
we picked up ourselves
and we walk alone
with no god, no deliverance
heeding no call

knowing the lie
as all those told before it
of a perfect happiness

no one can do it better
the shape of my mold
we clean our own wounds
we put it in place
we stacked these pieces
and stored them away
where no one would find them
where no one would ever dare convene
in the bowels of hell
in a box of time
in the mirror
where truth is uglier than sin
no one can follow these paths
no one will find my grave
for where ever lies a tombstone
baring my name
let it be known that there I do not rest
I will claw and mangle my way out of that tinder box
out from this cold dead Earth
and into the stars