give me dirty harry
give me Kurt Cobain
Give me William Burroughs
Give me Hunter S Thompson
Give me Hemingway

down to that black guy
waving a pistol in my face
for me yelling at him
cause his friend stole my money

down to that 18 year old kid
that took a couple in the back
for having sold some fake dope
as he crawled up onto my neighbors porch
spouting blood like a leaky faucet

down to that cop
that shot poor Oscar Grant
in the back of the head
at point blank range
while his hands were cuffed
and behind his back
laying on his stomach
the crowd standing there watching
as that cop calmly laid him to rest

but dirty Harry's cool
Dirty Harry never misses
no innocent bystanders ever catch one of his bullets
he knows what he's doing
he's righteous in his aim
we all have the right
to maim, kill, and destroy
whoever we like
whenever we like
for whatever reason
to be blood thirsty savages
to jealousy guarding our thrift stores and mac and cheese
to kill anyone who dares get in our way
letting the birds and the maggots help them on their way to a better place.

we are all killers
we are all rapists and murderers
thieves and liars
that's why we have jesus
to forgive us for being human
to forgive us for not giving a fuck
about what happens
here on this Earth
as it is in Heaven.