give me that shotgun
that pistol
that 45
that hand gun
that colt revolver
that machete
and then give me something to kill
point me in any direction
just say the word
stand us all up in a row
get us walking side by side
with death in our footsteps
sound the alarms
fire the cannons
stow piles of gold and silver
sweep the canals
make the rivers run with blood
give us a flag
write us a song
give us a reason
fill our hearts with fear
so that we lust for reprisal
fill our minds with so much hate
that we can no longer sleep
whomever our enemy is
where ever he sleeps
I pity his fate
however the names are spelled
we will change these streets
we will mark our steps
with our boots soaked in blood
pride and glory in these fields of death
whomever they are we will enslave them
do not stray from the fight
where ever it stands stand with it
for I will give my life to swim in it's divinity