She lived down the street
she liked wearing baby doll dresses
and listening to Hole and Marylin Manson
she had a pool in her back yard
pinball machines and pool tables in the basement
it was heaven on Earth

one night we had a party
we were sharing a wooden bench in the back
I turned to her and asked

"So you wanna make out a little?"
"Sure!" she said smiling. Acting as if she'd taken a dare.

we walked through the party
into the middle of a field
we plopped down
both of us drunk
I stuck my tongue in her mouth
and started playing with her tits

"you wanna give me a blowjob?" I said with wet lips.
"it always messes with my head" she said scrunching her hair.
"oh cmon." I pleaded
"it trips me out"

she was smiling when she said it
so I took that as a green light.
I pulled it out
she put it in her mouth
I could tell right away that she knew what she was doing
I came quickly.
and she swallowed it all.
she rose up laughing and smiling.
a decadent grin showing through the curtains
of her long black curly hair.

I laid there looking up at the stars.
and we felt good for a moment.
Like the people at the party were some how beneath us.
like we'd one upped them all.

She sucked my dick a lot that summer
so much so that I eventually moved in
once her family caught wind that I was homeless
I think her mom liked being looked at
always prancing around in her bikini.
with the body of a teenager.

but like with most things I grew tired of it
and she eventually took to fucking my friends
one time me and a friend both fucked her at the same time
I was wearing one of her skirts.
the boredom driving us to madness.

eventually she moved far far away.
to California, of which I was so jealous.
some where in orange county.
one day I was smoking a bowl watching tv
"Come on down! you're the next contestant on the price is right"
I almost coughed up a lung when I saw her mom running down the aisle.
I quickly through a blank VHS cassette into the vcr and hit record
I sat in disbelief as the most amazing day of Bob Barkers entire career unfolded.

not only was her opening bid exactly right, winning her 500 dollars.
but then she won the car.
she spun the big wheel and landed on 1 Dollar giving her 10,000 dollars
and then in the final showcase showdown.
she guessed within 50 dollars of her entire showcase.
a total sweeping victory

it was the most impressive showing I'd ever seen in all my years of watching that show. and It was my old girlfriends mom. I felt like I'd achieved something just in knowing her. later she told me her mom put most of it in storage and then it ended up being a pain in the ass paying all the taxes on it. But in the moment she was in bliss. the TV gods smiled on her. and I was a witness.

she had kept in contact with one of my friends
and a one hundred and fifty dollar phone bill later
she came to visit him.
she brought a video camera
I was filming them dancing in the back yard
I quietly sang
"its raining its pouring. the old man is boring"
into the microphone while they danced like elves.

later she would tell me that that was her favorite moment on film.

a few days of her stay with him
and I invited them over to where I was staying.
I bought us some 'Flintstone orange push-up pops'
I gave her a cunning look while she was enjoying her treat
"You are such a PERVERT" she yelled out laughing.
"What?" I innocently responded. the smile on my face impossible to hide.

my friend went out for a smoke
and I immediately through her onto my bed.
she started rubbing on me and
I crammed my hand down her pants
rubbing my finger against her soft wet clit
she gasped

the garage door opened and my friend came back inside.
"What the Fuck?" he said standing over us.
"What man? we're just laying here." I said with my arm around her.
"This is bullshit man. fuck this!" He said with his hands in the air.
"Dude? chill out. what the fuck man? She's here to have a good time." I said raising up a little.

She made no effort to get out of my bed
as my friend made his way out to his car.
I heard him drive off as I grabbed her hair and made her kiss me
she said she felt bad.
but it made no difference to me
I'd missed her.
and now was our time.

she wouldn't suck my dick
"just kiss it." I begged.
"ok" she finally said.
I whipped it out
standing it straight up to show off it's might in the tv's glow
she pulled her hair back and very gracefully puckered her lips
giving it a nice gentle loving kiss on the side of the head
I grabbed her hair and held her head down
and made her watch me jerk off
I stuffed it in her mouth really hard when I came
and like always she drank it like it were medicine

and then, we laid there.
in the basement
staring up at the crumbling ceiling
sharing sighs of relief for having made most of the moment
knowing there was no future to be had.