so long are these nights
here without your grace
your valor astonishes me
your willingness to abide
never over shadowed
by your simple surroundings

those untraceable motives
a guiltless swaggar
you tell them all when to sit
where to stand
how to walk
what to say
how to act
you're everyone's mother
so full are your hands

ugh.. hold on my cat just threw up

ok I'm back
where was I
Oh yes.
What finesse
oh prideful contagion
masterful integrity
pieced together
from all the elements known to man

a vision
an image
the genuine article
wrapped in gold
your faults are our faults
your pride is my pride
enough tears to fill the ocean
enough screams to horrify the night
enough love to burn a hole in the sky
enough fear to keep a nation bonded
the whole world clinging to your effortless stride
like a chariot in winter
the beat goes on