we call them stars
that doesn't mean we know what they are
yea the universe is filled with gasses.
It's all just one big Fart in the Wind.

so here we are.
and there we sit.
set for life as the saying goes.
but caskets aint cheap

so where's it all leading to?
a bunch of ants scurrying about
on some big rock floating in a big empty sky
a period within a sentence.
and the sentence is gibberish.

so we turn to Gods.
fairy tales.
we play with chicken bones
and handle snakes.
drink poison.
to prove to ourselves that we know what we're doing.
fulfilling our own prophecies.
telling God that he exists.

we watch and we wait.
for eons
we kill babies for the sun
we make bombs
we mow down everything in our path
and call it progress.

so where is it all leading to.
one big fart in the wind
ghosts and memoirs
words in the dictionary