12:17 PM |

baby you're just like song
round in circles i keep singing along
maybe, I got it all wrong
but I'm thinking of you, after you're gone

get outta my mind
let go of my heart
get outta my mind
go back to the start

baby, you're so hard to find
or maybe I'm just, outta my mind
baby, quit wasting time
understanding, we're two of a kind

(prior scribblings..)

baby, you're just like a song
running round in circles the beat keeps playing along
there's nothing really going on
It just keeps playing and I get the words wrong

I can't get you out of my mind
I cant get you out of my mind
the rhythm and the rhyme

baby, can you hear me now
turn it up louder don't adjust the sound
I can pick you , out of the crowd
if you can hear me I can hear you you know I'll always be around