ohhi martians

10:30 PM |

here we are
standing in the middle of nowhere
and nobodies talking
but I know what they'd say if they were.
they'd say

"get a job you bum."
"pay the rent."
"tie your shoes. brush your teeth"
"put some meat on them bones"
"hurry up and get in line"
"Wait your turn just like everybody else."

entire forests crumble
catalogs of insects going extinct
before we even get to name them.

as we yawn.
we say "Faster".
We say "What else you got?"
we say "Is that all?"

We breathe in hot fumes of smoke
barreling out of the eternal fire
that's roasting inside the belly of our Earth.
and we exhale soft blue crystals.
We piss oceans and we shit out dirt.
We fuck like Gods and we die like rodents.
We spill the blood of a billion lost souls
while we laugh like children on the swings.