all these words. all these meaningless words. I could use the entire dictionary and it still wouldn't change a thing. I could explain it as though my life were as complex as the universe itself. but I'd still be stuck where I am. alone. with the cold wind blowing in my face. not a nickel to spare.

all these words. no where to run to but back inside my mind. where everyone's on my side. where nothing is of much importance. nothing terrible. nothing great. the calm setting of my own insanity keeping me company.

like a lost and confused dog with its leash dragging loosely behind as it runs into busy streets.

I thought I did everything perfect. as if the sun were always shining

all these words. none of them suffice. each word more empty then the last. can we make it last one more day? before we blow it all up. a stay of execution by god. but what good would it do us? surely we'd waste it just as we've wasted the last thousand years. I look around. they don't know anymore then I do. it's all a game. the only mystery being who's telling the greatest lie. where is the truth in all this? is it in the concrete? the steel? it's surely not in the childrens faces. knowing the world that awaits. Who know's? not me. yet sometimes I fell as if I'm the only one who cares.

all these words. all these beautiful meaningless words.