ok so it looks like I'm only gonna be deleting like 50 or so videos at second glance.
and what I'll do is branch off and start posting my political type stuff on my old channel "voteonthis" . and the whole deleting things soon after posting. its risky and questionable and I'm questioning whether I should actually do that. cuz sometimes it takes over a month for a video to start picking up steam now that youtube has initiated this 300 views shit which prevents "viralism". so I dont know. maybe I'll just delete stuff tri-monthly. that way noobs and outsiders will get a chance to view the shit.

so http://youtube.com/oldhacks is gonna be just more for hanging out with old hack type stuff. and voteonthis will be for the serious stuff. Cuz I've noticed that I'll post a politically motivated video and some people will subscribe. but then I'll post something weird and off the wall and then they unsubscribe. when it's like "hey wait. I got plenty more politically minded stuff. wtf?" Or I'll post some music and some people subscribe to me for That and then I post a political video and THEY unsubscribe. so I think the best thing to do is to just diversify my postings. and I know it wont take off at first cuz people hate having to click a fucking button. its so insane how hard it is to get people to do ANYTHING on the net that they didn't think to do themselves. its quite frustrating at times. especially when you're doing all this shit to serve THEIR benefit. like teaching a dog not to eat his own puke.

so anyways. yea.

its all work in Progress. such is life.