I jack off in all directions as hard as I can when I jack off. Every where at once. as fast and as hard as I possibly can.ready set 1,2,3 and we're OFF! things I would never do in public but hey this is my imagination. if you aint in to it then get out cuz I'm cuttin loose on this one baby. I'll go as far as the human mind can expand. might feel guilty after wards but god damn if it aint the best thing right now. cuz that's whats great about fuckin. that charge. that release. it's that encapsulated moment that it creates. that space in time where you can see it rippling. there's nothing stopping you and no past and no future. just you right then and there achieving greatness.

You could be a homeless bum in the park and still recognize nirvana. but once you're through you might as well be eaten. like the spiders do. without mercy. gobbled up and spit out. trash. disposable waste. useless machinery. you did your part now get out. hope you made a shit load of babies. so we can keep the orgy going. thy kingdom of cum thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven