ohhi chance zoo

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1,000 and oneth post and it's about beating off. beautiful.

either I lose track of time or time loses track of me. one of the two are keeping track. not sure why. or how. but I know it's there. gnawing at my door step. trying to get in. making sure I'm always alert and staring straight ahead. making sure my every move gets as far as I can reach. cuz who knows? could be today. could be tomorrow. well it's definitily going to be tomorrow. it happens tomorrow for all of us. sooner or later. time catches up. its like a race you can't win. and all your life they Tell you you can't win. so you dream up gods and fairy tales to make you Believe that you CAN win and you go on holding that with every lap around the fence post. all the while times sitting there looking at it's watch. you can run as fast as you want. you'll never out run the son of a bitch. he'll always be right there waiting for you. waiting to take your looks. and your health. your money. your future. your well being. your good nature. it'll ware on you and ware on you and chew you down till there's not a hair left of what used to be an ox.

Who Knows I say! why ask if nobody knows? why not just deal with right now? nobody ever looks at now. nobody ever recognizes now. and when they do it's usually a fleeting moment. like something magical had happened. as if they'd discovered some great hidden treasure within their own minds. when really it's all always there all the time. it's always gonna be there too. and it'll either get stronger or weaker. depending on the weather. depending on how many storms come your way. how long the winter sets. how hot the summers get. will it whither or will it bloom. it's always up to chance. chance can make or break you. it's all any of us are ever really asking for.

a chance at what? to succeed! succeed at what? well who knows that either. I guess to be a good ant. climb that hill carry that rock. and then turn around and grab an even Bigger rock next time. Why? cuz you're grabbing rocks that's why. everyone around you is grabbing rocks. it's time to grab rocks. so start heaving or go mozy on out of the way while we do this. but what if you're not an ant? then what? are we still just ants? when you look at us under the microscope or through the telescope it would appear to be so. But I don't think so. I think we're the luckiest mammals on Earth. We got it made. We can eat and shit and fuck and out laugh them ALL! we put them all up in cages with little signs telling you how stupid this creature is and how easy he was to catch from what ever part of the world we conquered centuries ago and stole it from. How it changes colors and snorts and sits in that fake ass looking swimming pool of a pond and tries to pretend that everything is normal. Like all these dumb ass people are just that. dumb ass people. standing there staring at you like something special is going on. day in and day out. standing there staring at each other. looking at you like you're weird. like you're art. stupid animal. we got you. we're gonna kill us ALL too before we're through. we're not gonna leave any water, or land, or food, or shelter for any One nor any Thing once we finally get done talking about it and start pulling triggers.

Kill kill away. kill it until it's dead. and then make sure that it won't get up by putting a couple into the back of it's head. then stand there and smoke. savor the moment. cuz it's only going to be a very select few who get to see the last bomb go off. and an even smaller few that will see the very next day.