ohhi madness

5:22 PM |

its a free world. some people have issues. others just have questions. one things for sure. we're all stuck in the same boat. only we've all got different solutions on how fix the boat. or how to get out of the boat. or how to pretend it's not a boat. or how to paddle. how to swim. how to turn the boat into more boats. how to turn the boat over. everyone's got ideas. they'll thought of them all already. and they've argued amongst themselves. feverishly about what should be done so that we all don't drowned. what should be done. do it all. perform every miracle you can imagine. it's still gonna smell. and it's still not gonna work. no matter which way you work it or which way you break it it's still gonna fail. cuz that's human nature. we are all naturaly born to fail. because what are we trying to do? talk to god? what if there is no god? save the world? what if thats not possible? what if it's too late and we're all just stuck here watching it die? day in and day out peoples prayers go unanswered. unheard. unwhispered. tragically we accept our fate. as if we had any choice to begin with. Freedom of choice. do you want to stay for the show or have you had enough already? are you in or are you out? which way to turn. which way to go. how long will it take to get there? how much time do we still have? what's the point to all this madness?