I meet women all the time. When you play the piano ad write poetry it just kind of happens. but none like you. not before nor after. a One in a Million shot. a complete surprise. and within just a few short days of getting to know you I fell so god damn madly in love with you that the hinges came loose and my mind went wandering free. you got me woman. all the times I'd learned the hard way and I learned and I learned and I learned until Finally it sunk in and I was finally secure and self assured knowing the truth about love and fairy tales. and then you come along and knock me off my feet. and like a baby giraffe I toppled over. and now I just want to stomp it into the ground. because if its dying then let it die. so that some new life can arrive. but I don't want to let it die. just give it a little sun light and some water and it'll be fine. but it's not fine and it's not going to grow. because there is no sun light and there is no water. there's only the hard dirt and darkness. all about. and that's all there ever will be. and I can be happy in knowing that. i can be happy in knowing that dreams are better left wished then sought. and that there's no such thing as a miracle. because it's better this way. to know what awaits me. to know and understand my destiny. to be able to see miles down the road and to be able to predict the weather. It's going to be CLOUDY. for the rest of your fucking life. so get used to it. cuz this is as good as it's gonna get