our money should be backed by production like the Euro is. gold is a quick fix. not a real sollution. and our money right now Is backed by oil. and oil alone. which is why we attacked Iraq. to save our dollar. no one wants our oil money anymore though now that its drenched in blood.

production. like they do in france. everyone produces and pays taxes and that way the moneys secure because its based on the people themselves. plus they go home at 3pm, have trains to take them home where they drink wine and read the paper as oppose to us where we have to drive home in rush hour, they get 3 months payed vacation, half the country just chooses not to work at all and just wanders around europe back packing and partying all year long till they get older and settle down,. then they find work.

us americans have been dooped into thinking that working hard and working hard alone gains you respect... we should work harder to over throw the corporate gov. and settle our differences as a people.