ah the common man. he knows Everything. He knows the Earth is dying. he says let it die. He knows that we're killing each other like ticks on a bull. he says let them be killed. He knows that we're starving and we need just one more nickels to get us through our day. he says let them starve. the common man. he knows all sees all. he hears their moans and says let them moan. he dodges their foot steps. steps over them as they sleep. the common man. here to the rescue. he's got it all figured out. it's their own fault. for being the way they are. they made a decision. you never had to make that decision. its not your fault they can't fend for themselves. the common man. filled with so much jealousy and spite it would impress hitler himself. a good pat on the back would come from satan. how clever you are. sitting there in your room. knowing everything is fine. no one hears your moans. no one hears your cries. because you don't have any. you're as clean as your satin white sheets. what a crime it is for those who can't serve themselves. you're the king of the castle. while the windows shake and the lights flicker and the screams come scathing through the walls. you lie there in peace.