oh how wonderful it must be to be an idiot. to not know and not care. to have no beliefs. to not strive for any sense of perfection. to just sit idly as the world roars around you. to be able to see the world as a wonderful place full of wonderful possibilities. to look around and see nothing but peace. to have money in your pocket and for that to be enough. to close your eyes and see the same thing as when your eyes are open. to know all you need to know and not wonder about all there is else to know. to not have any concept of time. to not wonder about death. to not worry about anything except for what time you have to get up so you can go to your menaningless job which you also enjoy. to be able to hammer those nails and feel like you're getting somewhere. to not care where you are, where you been, who you know, why you exist. why the world is the way it is. to look at it all and see it as just the way things should be. oh what a wonderful world that would be.