well it's official. I myself have personally rediscovered the atom. I was up late kinda like I am now and couldn't sleep and I was playing this number game in my head

2 times 2 is 4
4 times 4 is 16
16 times 16 is 256
and it dawned on me.

thats how we demolish youtubes aristocracy.

if every single person subscribed to every single person.

wha la. no more partnership program. over night it would completely void everything youtube has been doing to silence their users and replace the neotube with the old school tube which was fine and dandy just the way it was before those commies at google head quarters bought them out. over night if everyone just made the decision to liberate themselves it would completely eradicate all of their malicious practices and just like that we would all be on equal footing again..

of course this will never happen but none the less the theory is something to be explored and experimented with and so I have begun my first experiment with my second roll call post subtitled "forced equation". anyone who reads this. if you are one of my subscribers on youtube. if you want to liberate yourself and gain some footing on youtube so that your voice will be heard then subscribe to my channel and watch for my next postings coming up tomorrow in which I will lay out a more detailed analysis of my hypothesis.