I want to die on the moon. I want to be the first man to die in outer space. Didn't that disney guy freeze himself? I don't want to be immortal. I just want to be the first to be the first. or at least die trying. people say we're ants. I dont feel like an ant. I think we're Giants! we are the universe. everything is one.

we never look up because we don't know what's up. all we know is what's down. and all around. we keep our focus on the man in front of us. well what's he doing? guess I better do that too. We act like ants. But we're not ants we're giants on a hill. we're sitting here stuck on this plot of land and water. like a plant. unable to move or take a step in any direction. unable to think. unable to move about and move freely. We're like a helpless plant. completely dependent on the soil we're provided. and the water when it comes. We can't talk to other planets. or move ourselves an inch or two away from the sun when it gets too hot. We cant just pick ourselves up and move to another galaxy. See what it's like. See if they have any more Land for sale.

We can't do much of anything except walk around and stare at one another and wonder what the fuck we're doing here. If there is a god he's one lazy mother fucker.