the internet is the reason why the newspapers are going out of print.people no longer read the paper for their scoop of daily information. Now they look everything up on the internet. as they should. the reason why their ad revenues from their online editions isn't paying off as well as they did in the past is simply because advertisers haven't figured out an interesting way to integrate themselves into this new developed form of communication. They're stuck in the 50's and we're all with the now. There's a major shift in the balance and order of things on the internet as of late. no more is there an open platform for all to use. they've closed the flood gates and inserted an allotment of tubes. the free markets are taking over and it's pretty ugly.

and then you have google who are just straight out commies. communism is a fascist form of capital. give a small group in the center complete control and give the many all the same portions. and that's what they've done. they want complete control over the internet along with bill gates and that apple guy and they want all of us to just accept their offerings as grateful subjects of their empire.