nothing ever goes according to plan
you got your way and I've got mine
how the hell does Anything Ever get done in this world
we all know everything except for how to speak
we know how to think
we know how to communicate and use words
a million different languages
none of them ever saying a damn thing to one another
I think the first thing the human being ever said when it learned to speak was a Lie.
we didn't evolve.
we just became better liars.
we learned how to kill without using our hands
we learned how to destroy and pummel and humiliate without even breaking a sweat
we learned how to turn everything into nothing and paint white over the entire murial of the natural world
eat some bugs snort some raisins make a paper sail boat kill your neighbor
rape your third grade teacher just as she raped you
turn it back into reality
turn it back into the real thing
green trees green trees green trees
the trees know more than WE do
and they cant even think
how can they know?
because they don't Have to think.
they don't have to question anything
all they have to do is grow and die
why cant we all just grow and die
why cant we live like the forrest side by side and ever expanding without ever having to raise a fist just to get some extra space
where's the love?
trees know what love is
they Are love
all us humans know how to do is Beg the Question
Beg the question like a small child intentionally annoying their parents
Beg the question until it couldn't possibly be answered.
and what if it were answered
would life be any more enjoyable?
If we actually had a god that stood over us and guided us and held our hand all the way through life and then even when you die took you to an even Better place? would that really make things better?
sounds boring to me

chop em down and burn em
dont even use the fire for anything
just burn em
burn the whole stinking forrest and watch the smoke fill the sky
watch the sky turn black and relish in the fact that soon when the fire dies there will be Nothing

Nothing is natural
Nothing is the way things oughta be
there should be Nothing Everywhere.