ohhi look away

12:19 PM |

it's gone it's gone. we've completely lost it. it's all been erased. I myself didn't even get to see it. All I even know is the concept of someone else's Memory of it. That's how far gone it is. It's been lost. There isn't even the hint of a fragment of it left to showcase. Gone without a trace. It's undignified. it's like hank says, there's no dance. there's no specialness. there's no meaning behind the words.

We blown it all away. We've covered it up with ego. Us being the humans that we are now that we've all been given access to the world we all rush to place a faces against the glass. Everyone huddled up trying to get a glimpse. But what they're looking at isn't even there. it's behind them you see? Its standing right behind them and all they have to do is turn around and they'll see that it was all a trick. They'll see that there really wasn't anything behind the glass and they'll lose interest. and then they'll go away like they always do. and then we can go back behind the glass once again it'll be special like it was before. just for the ones that know what it is. and they'll try to remember what it was that we never forget.

we have to make room. we have to let the stars shine. like street lights that've blocked out our only view of heaven. there's so many that the few never see the light of day. the many that spit in the fews faces and mock them every chance they get. they mock us on the outside and we mock them on the inside. they gloat but we smile. they have control and they'll never let go. and I guess that's ok. I guess that's just the natural order of things running its course. how else could it be. it seems like it's always been now. like there is and never has been any other way.

the children still scream. and the women still complain. and the men still fight. and the music is still being played. and the money is still being exchanged. and the guy on the street is still on the street. its going so fast that its standing still. its got one direction to go in and its going there regardless of the consequences. regardless of what anyone has to say about it. the moon still rises and the sun still sets. and we're all still here standing around looking at it as if it were something of ours to take. and we do take it. by the pound. We dig our way through like a dog buries a bone. like a bullet through a gun. all the way through until there's nothing left. and once we're finished we want more. we'll never get enough. they'll never have enough. and it will go on and on. someone has to say something. someone has to make it stop and take a good look at itself. it can't go on like this forever. though it seems like it may.