no one reads anymore. look at them none of them have books in their hands. they'd rather sit and stare at their hands than share what space they have in their head for thoughtfulness. well she has a book in her hand. But I bet she wishes she didn't she'd probably like more to be talking to some cute boy or pretending to listen than wasting her time reading that dumb ass book. Look at the way she's looking around when she runs out of words on the page. She's not even reading the god damn thing. She's just looking at the words and streaming them together. Christ. How are any of us ever going to learn anything if we don't know how to read? Isn't that all we have to learn about the ancient tribes of old? their majestic cartoons that they worked so painstakingly on for generations. telling us how they felt about human sacrifices and canabalism and how important it was for them to accomplish all that they accomplished and how good they felt about it. and how it was good and they lived their lives with pride and dignity.

And where are our cartoon time capsules. what are future earthlings to learn about us long after we've passed. We could pass tomorrow for all we know. All we have to do is give the right bomb to the wrong guy and we're all history. the homeless guy with the sign was Right. it's just a matter of "when". So where are our great statues and empires? what are the true symbols of what we are and what we're leaving behind? Is there any point to any of it? will they look to our great glass castles and beer sponsored bull fighting arenas and asfault roads and ponder on our glory? is that what we have to leave behind? a trail of slime. a row of dead ants.

all the great philosophers and all the greatest minds mean nothing to the 21st century. the light is on. they flipped the switch. the fuse has been lit. they rewound the clock put up a new calender and said Happy New Year! out with the old in with the new. every second of every day in every direction at once.

Dont read this . dont waste your time. you'll end up just as stupid as you were by the time you get through reading it so why bother. and if you think you're one of those few people that understand where i'm coming from and that I'm not talking about you well fuck you too. I am talking about you cuz what have you done? what are you donig about it? every day they put it in your face and you sit and do nothing about it. you sit and blame the guy next to you. It's "them" it's not them it's US.

so when's the next book gonna come out that really puts it out there. makes people look at themselves in a new light. makes them feel better about being human. makes them more understanding as people. makes them more forgiving and more relaxed. for god sakes if we could all just relax for a moment I think things would get better real fast. everyone's in such a god damn hurry just trying to keep up with the guy next to him.