was standing in line at the doctors office this morning. a young black kid was taking forever and this elderly woman behind him said "you're holding up the line" to which he replied. "Am I robbing you lady?"
"I didnt say you was robbing nobody"
"you said I was holding everybody up." he held his hand in her face as if he had a gun.
they argued back and forth until the kid picked up an empty trash can and held it over his head "I'll smash you bitch".

The lady got out her phone and started dialing 911. He paced around the room yelling into her phone as she talked to the dispatch. finally the lady behind the desk intervened and forced the woman to wait in another part of the registration room. but she complained all the way around and continued to complain and repeat the things he'd said to her while she waited. st. stupid day had started off well.

I went and had brunch with my friend chad and he informed me that today is in fact st. stupid day.

apparently once a year a small mob gathers and march their way through san francisco to the financial district. they stop at one place and they all throw socks in the air. as one falls two more fly until socks blanket the sky. then onward they march to the sf stock exchange where they all throw pennies at the office windows. some bring pockets full. some bring whole bags full. and they spray the sky with copper.

once thats accomplished they keep marching until they get to the financial district where they hold up traffic and wait for all the windows to fill up with curious business men's faces looking out over the crowd from their cozy offices where in the crowd screams at their audience "BACK. TO. WORK. BACK. TO. WORK"

I would have pictures but of course I didn't go. Anytime I hear the word "crowd" I lose interest. But if'n I would have had a date and had known about said event I could have mustered up the spirit to play along. Like a lot of things it's only in san francisco. this is a magic city. full of magical people. doing magical things.
like st stupid day for instance...