first of all he says "it ranked fairly high" when all I heard all around the world was that it was the Number One most pressing issue demanding to be addressed by the people who took the time to "vote" on his pretend referendum.

the audience laughs. they're laughing at you. All 3.5 MILLION of you. ha ha ha. those stupid peasants. they want to get high. they want to enjoy the feelings derived from smoking a natural substance. HA HA HA. they're so stupid. they actually believed that . Ha ha ha. who knows what silly nonsense they'll demand next on my website. ha ha ha. they thought they were actually going to be listened to. Now back to how we're gonna stuff trillions of dollars into bankers pockets.

we've got a long way to go. this is a major step in the wrong direction. it's doing us the service of making us consider having a referendum, and then it sticks the heel of its boot into it and squishes it into the dirt. laughing all the way to the bank.

this is why Mike Gravel always emphasised the importance of having a referendum thats Independent of representative government. This is a pure example of howthey do not respond to our majoritarian democraticly subjegated demands and how powerless we are in our fledgling democracy. Democracy. ha ha ha.