was it worth the endless suffering
the sleepless nights
holding yourself in a memory of what once was
was it worth it
was it worth the humiliation
the agony
the despair
the torture

was it worth it?
of course it was
its worth dying for
its worth living for
its worth being born for
and its still worth it to this day as I sit here facing all my indignations

was it worth it
Hell yea
I'd do it again
I'd do it a million times and then still want to do a million More
I'd start from the very beginning and swoon my way through every precious moment
taking notes of each seemingly insignificant moment and store it in the safest place imaginable so that no harm would ever come to it and it would remain pristine and new as the moment when I first stashed it there.

I'd put it somewhere where no one would ever find it so that if and when the time came that new items would not arrive I would have a lifetime supply to keep me fit to last into old age.

I'd never tell anyone where i put it either. it would go with me to my grave. where it would remain for all of eternity.

but as it happens I would keep it in a vase and in the sun with its stems deeply submerged in the healthiest of waters. rich in nutrients and I'd talk to it gently and reassuringly and let it know that it couldn't be in a safer or more loving home. and I'd place it in the window on top of a nice mahogany wood table that I would polish daily so its colors could shine and glisten in the sun. and I'd sit and stare at its beauty without thought. just taking in the fact that I'm alive on a planet thats as beautiful as this.

I'd kill for it
I'd start wars for it
I'd sacrifice family members for it
I'd give up limbs for it
I'd give every penny I have for just one speckle of it on my tongue
where everything is the way it should be
with love in my heart and pride in my bones

is it worth the consequences
the consequences are what Make it worthwhile