I asked him if he was a reader he said "no. I dont have the attention span for it"
but he said he read some Vonegut for some reason I can't remember now. But for some reason Kurt could hold his attention. but I said I didn't like Vonegut cuz I aint a big fan of science fiction. I know what he's getting at behind the scenes and I can appreciate that about him but that I prefer the guys that just get to the point and mean what they say and dont hold nothing back in trying to say it. the conversation kinda went on and on. I bummed a smoke. he said he went to alaska to chop trees or some shit. they just give you food and an axe and a cabin and drop you from a helicopter but that there weren't any trees when he got there so he just ended up in some god forsaken village up in cold ass alaska. He said there was only one woman in the whole village and that she was probably 50 years old and had the face of a catchers mitt. but then miraculously she had become pregnant. and every single one of the guys in the village was sweatin it but him. He couldn't believe it.

So we're going on and on exchanging history's. when up walks this girl.

long legs.
thin white shirt.
shorts up to her hips.
shoelaces untied.
cheap red lipstick.
80s sunglasses.
messy blonde hair.
about 10 pounds under weight.
and strutting like a cat.

she had a coffee stain right on the belly of her shirt and was acting embarrassed but not really. her and my company were obviously friends as they exchanged greetings and she commented on how stupid she thought she looked with the stain on her shirt.

I sat quietly. I get quiet when I see a woman like this. I get quiet and thoughtful and try to remain cool.

the front of the cafe quickly became crowded. two bands were discussing practice space and one was talking about recording. another young female came into the mix which the blonde reacted unkindly to. she came and sat next to me and said under her breath "sorry things are just getting a little confusing over there"

to which I took the oportuinty to introduce myself. "hi I'm willy" ... i forget what she said her name was. she had soft brittle hands though. and her skin was cold when I shook her hand.

eventually the unwanted guest left and she got up from where she was sitting next to me and rejoined her friends over by the van in front of us. some how drugs became a topic of discussion to which I showed him my recent purchase from the medical pot clinic. "oh you go the medical route?" then I whipped out my little bag of pills. "Whoa you've got like a whole little drug purse. let me try to guess what these are. uuh thats. well. I dunno what those are"

"thats xanex and thats morphine"
"no its not" she sounded off.

I just looked at her plainly. but I couldn't help but let her know that she had my attention.

"you want one?" i asked my new found friend
"Sure" he surprisingly responded.
"just give me half of one"
"give me one too...just kidding. I dont even know you" she said as she warped back into the crowd.

I gave him the other half of the xanex I took but acted cool towards the doll with the blonde hair for in case we meet again. dont want to come off desperate. they made plans to go to the beach and quickly dispersed. I watched her walk all the way to the van. studying her legs and the way she walked for surely if'n we meet again she will have cart blanch to all of my possessions in exchange for just one dance.