Mike Gravel is the most patriotic mother fucker that ever lived. He believes in America. He believes in the individual. Individuals working together to stimulate progress and make life on Earth more inhabitable for everyone. He believes that when confronted with a problem that individuals should be allowed to make a choice. Not just choose to go along with whatever politicians like Obama tell you to. Don't like the bail out? just VOTE against it.

We're all Democrats, We're all republicans, We're all Libertarians, We're all Green Party activists. Why should you have to get elected to be able to decide how you want to live your life? Anarchists should be clammering for this ability but instead they just stick with the mantra "no rules are the best rules". Or blame everything on the government and some how believe that if we were all just let alone we'd all act in each others best interest....It's Foolishness. It's nonsense.

WE Have lived in anarchy for 30 god damn years. We have no social structure. All we have is a business structure. The people are inconsequencial. As an Anarchist you should first and for most understand that we don't need a federal business bureou and I think for the most part they do understand that much. But where they're confused is that we DO need Governance. We need simple rules that apply to everyone. Like don't steal, don't kill, don't fuck your neighbors wife etc etc. We as Humans always have. First we had religion. then we had kings. then we had elected kings. The final step in the original concept of what America was propped up to become. Is a free and soveriegn nation that's ran BY THE PEOPLE.

laws we need today are. don't polute, small business protections, don't extort the public by means of energy, and a national health care association. and of course a minor defense towards anyone who would wish to do us harm. which at the moment is just a couple bearded maniacs living in caves and toating 30 year old machine guns... which doesn't require a fucking Battleship to confront...

anyways. the anarchists are disappointing me because they insist on not standing up to the corporatocracy and insist on old stale ideas of living like monkeys instead of men.

Just because republicans say something is unamerican doesn't mean that there's no such thing as "un-American"